About us.

WasteNot is on a mission to help you reduce your plastic use. We want to limit the amount of waste heading to landfills and we think that people like you can make all the difference. Imagine a world where our great, great-grandchildren don’t end up having to deal with our rubbish! That’s the Waste Not mission.

Waste Not is a plastic free shop, a community and a blog, where like-minded people can share information, get advice about living plastic free and find ways to replace their disposable plastic with hard-wearing, long-lasting products that won’t end up cluttering up the planet or floating in our oceans.

Want to join the waste-reduction movement? Allow Waste Not to help you get started.

How we began

We started WasteNot because we were fed up with the status quo. We’re willing to bet you are, too.

Based in North London, founders Will and Caitlin both work in photography. Looking around, they couldn’t help but notice the growing mounds of plastic waste being taken out daily from their homes, and the event venues they attended. We’re talking dozens of bin bags full of disposable plastic cups after just one gig!

Concerned about reducing plastic use in their own lives, both Caitlin and Will sought out sustainable alternatives for the most wasteful products in their daily routines, but struggled to find the solutions and advice they were after. They also dreamed of a community who could support their journey to living plastic free.

That’s where the Waste Not dream came from.  A wish to embark on a personal pathway to a more sustainable way of living, and a hope that others might want to join in!

Waste Not aims to offer a one stop plastic free shop for products, advice, support and inspiration on your journey to reducing plastic use day to day, whether you’re currently living the plastic-free peace warrior dream or are a total newbie to the no-waste movement.

Note from the founders

Every story has a beginning

WasteNot was born out of personal passion and a real sense of frustration. How many times have you found yourself buying and then throwing away bags full of pointless, harmful plastic – all because you couldn’t find another solution?

Shower gel bottles, cling film, ‘disposable’ razor blades, fruit packaging…it feels unavoidable some days. But where does it all go once we’re done with it? The answer isn’t pretty. Once it ends up in landfill, it’s not going anywhere for thousands of years – and that’s if it doesn’t end up polluting the oceans and washing up on beaches around the world. We think that sucks and we knew there must be a better solution.

We’ve created Waste Not as an antidote to disposable living. We want to unlearn the harmful shopping habits we’ve been used to and take big, bold steps to reducing plastic use, week in, week out. We would love to connect with you as we go on this journey together.

We’re still learning how to reduce our waste more and more every day, and we welcome your feedback and advice. We really believe that we will all be stronger if we head out on this path together, so don’t be afraid to get in touch and give us your feedback. Thank you for being part of WasteNot.”

– Will and Caitlin

Want to help the cause?

It’s early days for us, but we’ve got big things planned. We’ll be setting up mailing lists, facebook groups and online events in the near future to help spread the word and make things just that little bit easier for others beginning their plastic free journey.

We’ll also be creating even more content, blog posts and guides to publish on this website full of tips, advice and easy things you can do today to reduce the amount of plastic that you use. Make sure to keep checking back!