Got questions about WasteNot and living a plastic free life? No problem! Here are the questions we hear most often, and if you don’t see an answer to your questions here, feel free to contact us.

How do you post my order to me?

Wherever possible, we use up-cycled materials including packaging from the deliveries we receive (and the deliveries our friends and neighbours receive too). To make sure your products are looked after and delivered good as new, we do occasionally supplement this with recycled or recyclable packaging – but only if it’s completely necessary!

I heard that you do one-for-one sanitary care donations. how does that work?

Yep! Every sanitary care product you purchase (including plastic free pads and plastic free panty liners) from WasteNot helps to fund awesome social enterprises who are bringing much needed sanitary care to young girls who don’t have access to safe, effective menstrual products and advice. We chose our suppliers because we love this way of working. All you need to do is buy one product, and Ecofemme and Ruby Cup will give one away to a young woman who needs it!

do you have a physical store so i can come and say hello in person?

No – not yet! But watch this space, and feel free to say hello via our contact us page or social channels. We love a good chat about all things plastic free and going zero waste.

where do your products come from?

Wherever possible, we source plastic free products from the UK and EU to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, our range of soaps are made by hand in Leyton! In truth, some of our products are sourced from China, but we believe the benefits of buying a reusable product for life outweigh the environmental cost of bulk shipping. As you move towards a life without plastic, you’ll see that it can be a bit of a balancing act! We freely admit that we’re still learning and looking for ways to become increasingly sustainable, but we’re always open to feedback and advice about going zero waste and becoming as sustainable as possible.

have you achieved zero waste living?

Honest answer: we’re trying – really, really hard. But we’re not perfect. You may occasionally find crisps in our cupboards or ready made sandwiches in our bag (because we caved when were out and about). We’re on a journey to living without plastic, just like you, but we’re hoping that growing awareness and reduction are key to making a big change.

Is everything on the site vegan/cruelty free?

We understand the importance of conscious consumption, and know that veganism ties in with zero waste living for lots of people. We currently stock some products that use beeswax, but these are being phased out and replaced with vegan alternatives. On a positive note, all of our shampoo, soap and conditioner bars are completely vegan, cruelty free and SLS free, and we’re committed to keeping it that way!

i have an idea that could make waste not even more sustainable! what do i do?

Contact us! We are keen to hear all ideas for improving our business and becoming as sustainable and plastic free as possible. We really appreciate the support of our community, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

i run an ethical, sustainable brand and i would love to be featured in your store. are you open to hearing from me?

You bet we are! Get in touch and we’ll arrange a chat as soon as possible.