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How to use Soap Nuts for Different Types of Cleaning

Soap nuts

Living Naturally Soap Nuts are literally the most eco-friendly and organic soap on earth. They literally grow on trees and can be used for a wide range of cleaning uses. They can be used as a laundry detergent, general household cleaning, or even for washing your hair and body! Here is a quick guide on […]

What exactly is Zero-Waste Living?

Zero Waste Living

For those who are into zero-waste living, the aim is essentially to put as little waste into the bin as possible. This includes the recycling bin. Why? Because you can’t truly throw something “away” and single-use packaging puts a high demand on resources for extremely short-lived products. Though we are fortunate to have many modern […]

10 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Giving generously, without waste!: 10 zero waste gift ideas Are you in need of a gift idea, but want to give something less wasteful? At Waste Not, we understand your desire to give generously, but sometimes a simple change can make huge difference. We’re collected some of our favourites and have listed 10 zero waste […]