Do I need to go plastic free?

Do I need to go plastic free?

In a word: nope. The decision to go plastic free is just that – a decision. It’s a lifestyle choice and a commitment to reducing your personal waste to protect the planet for future generations. Nobody’s forcing you! What’s more, the reality is that aiming towards a zero waste lifestyle takes commitment and a little bit of work in the set up. So before you ask ‘Do I need to go plastic free?’, you need to think about the reasons why!

So… why do it?

Well, we think there are loads of reasons to live your life without plastic packaging and unnecessary waste. Here are just a few…

Lost in the landfill

Around 400 million tonnes of plastic are produced every year, and just under half of that is destined to be used only once before it heads towards the landfill. Unlike paper or food waste, plastic doesn’t rot or break down. That’s why manufacturers love it, and also why it’s causing such huge problems for the environment.

Clean up the oceans

50-80% of the rubbish that ends up in our oceans is made from plastic. In fact, there is currently around 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the ocean. Already under threat from over-fishing, the oceans and marine life are in serious trouble when it comes to plastic pollution. Statistics suggest that around 30% of all large ocean fish have plastic remnants in their stomach. They can’t digest the plastic they consume, so it sits in their digestive system, reducing their ability to consume vital nutrients. Each year, around 100,000 marine animals die due to plastic pollution. But that’s just the beginning. It’s also estimated that around 90% of marine animals have plastic toxins in their cells. Think about that next time you tuck into a piece of salmon.

The generation game

Plastic takes lifetimes to break down. That plastic container that held your lunch today will still be sitting in a landfill when your great, great, great grandchildren are born. In fact, plastic takes so long to erode, that every bit of plastic ever made and used on the earth so far (plastic was invented around 100 years ago) is still around – sitting in rubbish piles, littering the streets or floating in our oceans. That plastic stuff isn’t going anywhere and our plastic legacy will outlast us by several generations.

Growing plastic use

Despite growing concerns about the problems plastic causes for the planet, it’s actually growing in popularity year on year. In the first 10 years of this century, we used more plastic than we did in the entire 1900s. With all of that plastic hanging around on the planet and not biodegrading, something’s got to change. Soon!

Most of all – it’s completely unnecessary!

We don’t need plastic! It’s perfectly possible to lead an almost plastic free life with a little bit of effort and pre-planning. Just ask your great grandmother. She probably never used a plastic bag or bought pre-cut fruit in plastic containers. Life without plastic isn’t only achievable, it’s actually really practical and fun. WasteNot aims to provide you with the tips, insight and inspiration to begin a journey to living without plastic.

Be part of a global movement

There is a growing community of like-minded people who are ready to say enough is enough. Zero waste living was one of the most searched Google terms of 2017, and there’s a ground-up movement of people who are hungry to make change and shift the global norm. Time is running out for our oceans and animals. We can’t wait for governments to change their policies.  Plastic free living is a movement that’s coming from people’s personal determination to help ease the planet’s plastic problems. We hope that you’ll find a supportive and welcoming community in your local area and on WasteNot.

Its not all or nothing!

Perhaps the most important point – everyone has to start somewhere! Whether you make one simple commitment to cut down on disposable coffee cups or are ready to go fully plastic free this year, you are welcome here and we are happy to support any actions you’re able to take. It’s not all or nothing!

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    Danny Paul says:

    What a great post! I am a bit surpriced that you havr so many products. I only have two fluid detergents (color and white) and I buy refills for them, recycle the plastic. Then I have a special detergent for wool, two products for hard stains and thats it. I recently ordered something called the eco laundry egg, which you put in the machine and you dont need detergent at all. Will try it and hopefully it works as well as I heard.

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